Shandong Xinlong group is a set of chlor alkali, thermoelectric, PVC, fine chemical, trichlorosilane, trichloroethylene, electronic grade chemicals, biological engineering, new plastic building materials, environmental protection type low mercury catalyst in one of the joint-stock enterprise group, is the same industry earlier passed the ISO9001 international quality system, ISO14000 environment management system, OHSMS18000 occupational health and safety management system certification of enterprises.

The group is located north of Shouguang, Bohai Economic Zone, South 30 kilometers away from the Jinan Qingdao highway, north of Ukraine's high speed 1 kilometers east of Qingyang railway, the sheep Road 1 kilometers, the transportation is very convenient. Group covers an area of about 1200000 square meters, with a total assets of 3 billion yuan, annual sales income of 4 billion 600 million yuan. Leading products are: 20 million tons of caustic soda, 18 million tons of liquid chlorine, HCl for 3 million tons, 150000 tons of hydrogen peroxide, 10 million tons of PVC, silicone 6 million tons, triene 6 million tons, Tetraene 4 million tons, 1000 tons of electronic grade hydrogen chloride, high purity hydrogen 800 million nm no, 120 tons of high purity chlorine, 40000 tons of PVC plastic steel door and window profiles, 5 million tons of liquid sorbitol, environmental low mercury catalyst 1.5 million tons, annual generating capacity of 16 million degrees, annual heating 4639200 thousands or millions of coke.

The group has always adhered to the "respect and dedication, the pursuit of excellence" spirit of enterprise, cultivating core competitiveness, take the road of self supporting, vertical development. At present, to Xin long group is the leading silicon fluorine new material industrial park has become a city high and new technology demonstration zone, now more than 50 businessmen to invest in this plant, common industrial development. The Group strives to in the next few years built in chlor alkali chemical raw materials as the foundation, extend the development of energy-saving, environmental protection, green new energy products such as, the formation of Xinlong unique product support each other, self regulating market, scale the coordinated development of the modernization of large-scale chemical enterprise groups.

Group always adhere to the "integrity, win-win" business purposes, and strive to provide customers with quality products and services. Group has been awarded the "national outstanding private enterprise", "national chemical industry technology demonstration enterprise", "Shandong Province spiritual civilization advanced unit", "Shandong Province Shou identical re credit enterprise", "Shandong Province cleaner production advanced unit", "Shandong Province outstanding SMEs", Weifang City Industry hundred enterprises "honorary title, was approved by the provincial science and technology department as" high-tech enterprises ". R & D group of dry acetylene technology to fill gaps in the domestic, listed in the national advanced pollution control technology demonstration catalogue by the State Environmental Protection Administration, China Petroleum and chemical industry science and technology progress award, and access to the Shandong Province outstanding achievements in energy conservation and the national innovation fund support, has been in the same industry comprehensive promotion. Group R & D center was awarded the provincial Commission by the provincial enterprise technology center, the group's production of caustic soda, PVC, plastic has been rated as Shandong famous brand products.

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